Fusion of Old & New

The 9th Street Industrial Area in the Marcy-Holmes neighborhood of Minneapolis is a hidden gem and exemplified the City’s rich manufacturing past.

Situated on 9th Street and a spanning nearly a full city block, a transformative project is underway focused on the renovation this transitional Industrial zone by applying modular construction, enhanced landscaping strategies, and careful material selections. Aimed at fulfilling the neighborhoods goals of creating jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities for the creative sector, this expansive urban renewal project encompasses the renovation and reconfiguration of eight industrial warehouse buildings into creative production, housing, recreation, and commercial spaces. Beyond repair, two existing warehouse buildings were removed and replaced with parking areas that have been flexibly designed to be multifunctional as gathering spaces for outdoor events. Warehouse studio and one-bedroom apartments will be integrated into the second floor of one existing building and are designed for the university housing market. Remaining large industrial buildings will be converted into indoor soccer fields with street entry, as well as incorporating a rooftop soccer field on an adjacent building.

The project aims to demonstrate an intentionally restrained approach to urban design by using humble industrial materials such as corrugated metal, perforated aluminum, pigmented precast concrete, and a living wall. A new, five-story “L” shaped apartment building will replace a large surface parking lot with a design that merges landscape and structured parking in an elliptical entry courtyard punctuated by native serviceberry trees. The ground floor façade encourages visual connection between the street and the building through a continuous band of glazing below a minimalist snow-white façade on the residential floors above.

Throughout the design process DJR has endeavored to nurture a synergistic diversity of program that is in alignment with Marcy-Holmes masterplan goals while celebrating connectivity between the public and private realms.

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