300 Broadway is a four-story, mixed-use commercial and housing redevelopment in the heart of downtown Fargo, North Dakota, completed in 2009. Its location next to the historic Fargo Theater is one of the most recognizable in the city.

The goal for the design of the building was to fit in the context of downtown Fargo and to appear almost as if it had always been there based on the developer, the Kilbourne Group’s, core values, which include respect for past and inspiration for the future. The building has a commercial space on the main floor, with a two-story atrium in the center which serves as multi-use space for displays and receptions and provides seating for the restaurant and donut shop tenants. The atrium also provides mid-block pedestrian connection to the alley and entry to the Lofts on Roberts building, another Kilbourne development. The project also includes a 50-seat movie theater, which is the second screen for the Fargo Theater, which is accessed from the theater side.

The upper three floors were designed as 17 residential condominium shells, with roughed-in kitchens and bathrooms, each able to be custom designed by individual owners. The floors have a single loaded corridor on the west side with all units having a view and deck on Broadway. A number of units were combined to create larger units, including one two-story unit, and all top floor units have rooftop decks.

The exterior has a traditional design with brick and cast stone on the first three floors with the façade divided up into bays with recessed balconies. The atrium at the center is glass with exposed steel structure from sidewalk to roof. The top floor steps back and has decks on top of each of the these bays.

Kilbourne Group’s mission is to make downtown Fargo a great place to live, work, and play, and 300 Broadway has been a successful part of that mission.