7200/7250 FRANCE AVE.

7200-7250 France Ave is six-story mixed use site with 300 units, 32 townhomes, retail space and is the first site to integrate the Southdale Area Working Group Guidelines. The project creates a system of vehicular, bicycle, and pedestrian access points that connect to the center point of Edina’s primary commercial corridor and an extensive network of regional trails. Incorporated into the site is the living street concept of Woonerf, originating from the Netherlands, providing shared space between pedestrians, bikes, and low speed traffic. This concept provides a perfect hybrid of life, work and relaxation in a well-balanced neighborhood. The project is placed as a vital link between the commercial corridor of France Ave and to the neighborhoods beyond.

The two six-story buildings provide retail along France Avenue, apartments and amenity spaces. Townhomes line the Woonerf that provide public space for the neighborhood, interior vehicular circulation, and houses a water retention system located underneath the street.

In Progress