Bridgewater Bank headquarters is a four-story office building with ground floor retail located on Excelsior Boulevard in St. Louis Park, MN. The project provides a modern office experience that transitions the Excelsior and Grand vicinity to the residential neighborhood. The exterior is composed of a stone podium that is intended to continue the retail frontage and design character along Excelsior Boulevard.  The upper levels of the office include multiple amenity decks to soften the character of the commercial space and relate to the surrounding residential area. Public amenities that tie this building into the neighborhood and urban fabric are a key portion of this development.  

The two main centers of activity are separated by fixed use building elements and unified by an expansive outdoor space on the corner. Existing pedestrian sidewalks that run north and south are slightly adjusted to deflect into the site which allows for an expanded bicycle lane and heightens the experience of walking through the site. A strong architectural connection is continued along Park Commons Drive and highlighted by the transparent vertical stair that highlights the staff entry and lobby.