The Granada Theater was once an iconic film venue in the Minneapolis Uptown area. Built in 1927 in the Churrigueresque style, the theater was the first “atmospheric” theater in the city. The idea was to create the feeling of watching a movie outdoors in an exotic locale such as a Spanish Plaza or courtyard. As lights dimmed at the beginning of a movie, the blue ceiling imitated the night sky with tiny sparkling stars and clouds and a moon that slowly moved across.⁠⁠Sitting vacant for years, the revitalization of this historic theater is bringing the same experience into the 21st century. The Granada Theater has been renovated to its former glory, now showcasing a restaurant and event center hosting everything from weddings to live music and theater shows. Sitting under the lights of the historic marquee or having a drink before a show in the stripped down and exposed lobby, theater goers can experience the exposed brick laid nearly one hundred years ago. The main theater revitalization also stayed true to its roots, where the same “atmospheric” sky that dazzled children and adults 100 years ago can still be viewed during an event held in this historic space. ⁠