SeaFlower Taking Shape in Djibouti

A futuristic urban development is taking shape in Djibouti, Africa. The SeaFlower encompasses an area of 80 hectares of reclaimed land and tidal ocean front waterways and is being developed as a residential and commercial hub by the Djibouti government. Located at the eastern tip of the Îlot du Héron on the Djibouti City peninsula, multiple spokes of land array like petals of a flower from a new urban core. By shaping the land to bring the sea into the city, opportunities for marine habitat creation and waterfront recreation are maximized. The development includes a variety of housing from apartment buildings, townhomes and villas as well as a central public park, community and commercial centers, waterpark, schools, grocery store, health clinic, mosque, and numerous bridges, boardwalks and piers for recreation and learning. Due to the unique climate of Djibouti, sustainable and regenerative design strategies are harnessed to create comprehensive green infrastructure. The development is intended to activate tourism and provide much needed housing and services in the area.